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Golf Range Mats


Warm up before you start!

This is very important! Your play will be better if you’ve warmed up, and it can also help prevent injuries. When you swing fast, your body will twist very quick, so warm up your body and stretch out your muscles first.

Its a good idea to start at the top from your head and work your way down the body and all the muscles you will be working during your swing practice.

Warm up exercises to try:

  • Jog on the spot for a minute
  • Do twenty star jumps on the spot

Here’s a good video on the website for warming up properly.

Safety Tips for Stretching:

  • Hold your stretches for ten to twenty seconds
  • Stretch all the muscles you will use (upper body & back especially)
  • Never push stretches until they hurt!

Your First Swings

When you begin, you should first aim for accuracy, not power!

Start with your Sand Wedge, then your Pitching Wedge. Take a slow smooth swing at your golf ball, and try to focus on rhythm. Try to strike the ball well, making a good connection every time.

If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t worry and don’t get angry! And try again.

Have a think about where you went wrong. Did you not strike the ball well? Did you catch the ground first?

For youngsters, try to think about striking the ball well and getting the ball airborne initially with a good flight, don’t worry about the distance. Most youngsters have pretty decent swing speeds and if you connect well with some height on the shot chance are it will travel a good distance.

The poorer shots tend to be miss-hit ones like ‘fat’ or ‘thin’ or ones that stay along the grass! Think ‘height’ and ‘strike’! The distance will be there!

Next, use your Mid-Irons. Now, pick a place on the range that you’re going to aim for, and when you hit, try to get the ball there. Again, it probably won’t happen the first time! Keep trying, and you’ll get closer.

Now, you can use your Fairway Wood and Driver clubs. These are for hitting the ball a long way. Before you try to hit the ball very hard, try to hit a couple of balls slowly, and remember where you need your club to make contact with the ball.


Aim – Practice – Hit!

Aim: stand behind the ball, and choose where you’ll aim.
Practice: Take a few practice swings before hitting your ball, once you feel the practice swings are good, then…
Hit: Make your Swing!


After your session:

Stretch out your muscles again, following the safety tips. These will help your muscles cool down.

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