From proper posture to how you should hold your club these are 5 golfing tips that will change how you play the game!! If you are a pro golfer these tips may surprise you, if you are just starting to play then these will definitely help you.

Shanked Shots

Shanked shots are simply horrid! Even if you are a golf pro you still get them sometimes. A shank can happen several ways, and you can shank the ball off more places than the heel of the club. ¬†First of all, the clubshaft and the clubface don’t exist on the same line. Because of it, we actually have to swing the clubshaft to the side of the ball, not directly at it. This throws some folks sometimes and makes shanks more likely to happen.

Tip to avoid this: Focus on squaring the club face at impact.Basket of Driving Range Golf Balls

Pitch it Low

Another common mistake is regarding the chipping & pitching. This shot is when you hinge the club going back and hold that hinged position into the finish. This shot sometimes works, but it’s a tricky one for beginners, and you actually create a lot of backspin that way.

Tip to do this right: To hit a low-rolling pitch shot, allow the hands to release and the arms to rotate through the shot.

Last but not least is of-course your posture.

Do you stand close or far from the ball.. do you move your shoulders or maintain the tilt in them?

To get answers to these and many more questions give us a call and we are happy to walk you through how it should be. You will be a pro in no time!